Victoria Meeroff

Vocal Teacher

Victoria has been studying Singing since she was just 10 years of age. She studied in the Juan Sebastian Bach Conservatory, Córdoba, Argentina where she received a degree in Vocal Technique. She performed her Final Concert in 2016. Since then Victoria has taught Singing, Music Theory and Vocal Ensemble at the Conservatory.

In addition, Victoria has lots of experience singing with bands, duos, trios and choirs, however she is currently concentrating on being a soloist. She has recorded her own EP and is continually composing her own pieces. Nowadays, she is learning Classical Singing Techniques and Guitar.

“My principle is that I will always learn something new and for that I will always love to share my knowledge.”

Her teaching method is based on Vocal Health technique. I adapt to the students needs by searching their vocal comfort, avoiding unnecessary efforts including how to use the body for singing. Our main goal is: feel relief when we sing. And enjoy every song, no matter the complexity.

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